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The new 500 cc 4 stroke Piaggio engine is the first of the new MASTER family (Multi-valve Advanced Super Torque Engine Range). Its main features are the advanced technology and the extremely high levels of power and torque that allow the vehicle to reach very high cruise speeds in extra-urban roads while keeping a good driveability in the urban context.
The engine has a single cylinder layout, chosen in order to reduce the weight and the overall dimensions, is liquid cooled, has a 4-valve SOHC valve gear and has a balancing countershaft, which reduces substantially the vibrations transmitted to the vehicle.
The engine has a maximum power of 29 kW (39 CV) at 7250 rpm engine speed, capable of pushing a vehicle to about 160 km/h, if the legislation and the road conditions allow it. The maximum torque of 40 Nm, available at 5500 rpm, together with the wide range CVT, produces accelerations and throttle response typical of a large displacement engine motorbike.
The engine has been developed with an advanced electronic injection and control system that, besides contributing to the high output, guarantees a very smooth operation of the engine, making the driving very comfortable and pleasant. Moreover, the control system contributes to generate very low levels of pollutant exhaust gases, making the engine very environmentally friendly and allowing it to pass the severe forthcoming anti-pollution standards (Euro 2 and Euro 3).


  Engine 500cc 4-stroke MASTER
Displacement 460 cc
Thermodynamic Cycle Otto 4-tempi / Otto 4-stroke
Distribution Single 4-Valve Overhead Camshaft (SOHC)
Engine balancing Balancing countershaft
Power at Crankshaft 29 kW (39 CV) @ 7250 RPM
Torque at Crankshaft 40 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Acceleration 0 to 30m in 3.6 s (on a vehicle of 200 kg total mass)
Cooling System Forced Liquid
Electronic Management System Philosophy a /N type - Injection/Ignition Phased Maps Accounting for Environmental Conditions
Fuel Pump In-Tank, Low Current Absorption Electrical Pump
Fuel Injector Marelli Pico-Injector - High Impedance Electronic Injector (on-off type)
Ignition System High Energy Inductive Coil
Throttle Body Throttle Plate Integrated with Throttle Position Sensor, Stepper Motor,
air Temperature Sensor.
Lubrication System Gear Driver Trochoidal Pump; Oil Tank Capacity: 1,5 liter
Transmission System Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT); Range 2.62




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