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Burgman 650 de Suzuki

This section introduces some of the methods utilized in reducing noise in the large “Sky Wave 650” AN650 scooter

A Utilization of an Electronically Controlled CVT*

This is the first ever utilization of an electronically controlled CVT in a motorcycle. It allows reduced engine rpm and operating noise, while improving on fuel economy under normal driving conditions.

* CVT: Continuously Variable Transmission

B Utilization of Helical Gears and Sound Absorbent Cover

A helical gear system utilized in the transmission reduces operating noise when driving. To reduce noise, the gear case cover incorporates sound absorbent materials to block transmitted sound and resonance sound of the cse.

C Utilization of Sound Absorbent Body Covers

Sound absorbent materials are incorporated in covers on both sides of and underneath the engine to reduce noise emissions. (Meets 2001 noise regulations)

The Sky Wave 650 incorporates a fuel injection system, honeycomb catalysts, and second stage air system. Technologies accumulated through years of development have been applied in areas such as engine layout and optimizing control systems in order to reduce exhaust emissions. (Meets 1999 Exhaust Emission Regulations)

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